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A Case for Kata: Should Kata Names be Capitalized?


During the editing process of my book Karate Science: Dynamic Movement, I had a really interesting discussion with my editor. It was about kata and in particular whether or not we should capitalize their names. Kata is defined as series of movements that are linked together to encapsulate a particular theme or style of fighting. …

New Excerpt on YMAA Website


Hi all,  YMAA has done it again? There is a new excerpt from my book on the YMAA website.  This time it is on kicking techniques.  It covers briefly the key fundamental point for each of the basic five kicks of Shotokan karate.   Check it out here Also, don’t forget to check out my NEW article …

Karate Science Dynamic Movement is featured in Kirkus Reviews!


I received some fun news today.  The review for Karate Science : – Dynamic Movement was selected by the Indie Editors at Kirkus Reviews to be featured in Kirkus Reviews 1/15 Issue.  It appeared as one of 35 reviews in the Indie section of the magazine which was sent out to over 5,200 publishing industry professionals.  Apparently, less than …

New Article on the YMAA website


Hi all check out my new article that was just published on the YMAA website  It is an excerpt from my book “Karate Science: Dynamic Movement”.  It is about my take on the four fundamental requirements of martial arts.  In my mind there are a lot of nebulous concepts out there, this tries to cut to the bone as …

Is Karate Safe????


Many times as instructors we get asked that infernal question… “is karate safe?”  While infuriating to me, I have only been injured a handful of times in my over 35 years to kicking and punching… and mostly due to my own stupid fault, it is a legitimate question.  In a world of increasing liability, universities…my world… …