Dojo 2.0: Expanding the traditional ideas by amplifying the underlying science.


Karatescience is an attempt to expand traditional karate by embracing modern concepts in scientific thought. It is nothing more than the fundamental techniques that we have all practiced countless times up and down our respective dojo.

However, the fundamental difference is in understanding why.

Nakayama Sensei initiated this approach, and others since have continued it. Karatescience follows that path. Kanazawa sensei was often quoted as saying “practice does not make perfect; rather perfect practice makes one perfect.” Without perfect practice; an understanding of the movement and limits of the human body and an understanding of how to apply that information to karate, techniques will lose power, become ineffective, or even worse, destroy the body over time.

Ever wondered if that draw hand was really necessary? What about that bent front knee? Is speed more important than mass? And what is kime?JD Cameron

Throughout my personal training over the past 40 plus years, I have been both fortunate and unfortunate. I have been fortunate in that I have had the opportunity to train regularly with many amazing Karate instructors. I have been unfortunate in that I have never lived close enough nor had the time in my life to train with them day in and day out over long periods of time. However, this has been a good thing. I have been granted time to digest and interpret the lessons they have taught me, I have been given the freedom to step back and apply these lessons and integrate them into my Karate, then check back with them a few weeks later. I have been able to train with amazing, intelligent, educated people in my clubs who are blank slates and not afraid to call me out when I have been on the wrong path or if something does not make sense. The 20th Niju kun states to “always create and devise”, by living far away, I have been allowed to do that, and I have noticed that my training always comes back to the same fundamental Karate that we all learn from day one.

Karatescience is a product of that iterative process. The constant honing, questioning, applying, and pure training sweat. It is the “whys” of karate. For only through understanding can one make their karate perfect.

Make your Karate Perfect.