Dojo 2.0: Expanding the traditional ideas by amplifying the underlying science.

About Karate Science

Karatescience is an attempt to understand traditional karate by embracing modern concepts in scientific thought. It is nothing more than the fundamental techniques that we have all practiced countless times up and down our respective dojo.

However, the fundamental difference is in understanding why.

Nakayama Sensei initiated this approach, and others since have continued it. Karatescience follows that path. Kanazawa sensei was often quoted as saying “practice does not make perfect; rather perfect practice makes one perfect.” Without perfect practice; an understanding of the movement and the limits of the human body, and an understanding of how to apply that information to karate, techniques will loose power, become ineffective, or even worse, destroy the body over time.

JD Swanson

Available Now :- Karate Science: Dynamic Movement

Karate Science: Dynamic Movement Dynamics, motion, and sensation are karate’s connective tissue―and they are the heart of this book. As a lifelong student of martial arts, J. D. Swanson, PhD, had searched through piles of books on form and function. Stand here, they said. Step there. But where movement was concerned, not one of them …


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Just finished ISKF Master camp what a wonderful experience!

Training with karatescience

If you would like to train with Dr. Swanson, please contact him through the links on this website. He regularly holds classes at both of his University Dojo that visitors are welcome to attend. He is also willing to visit your dojo, please e-mail to start a conversation.